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I wish i had the leisure to update my blog on a daily basis. But since that is not going to be possible at least till i graduate and figure out what exactly I want to do afterwards, I pretend to be content for now.
Writing blogs , i personally feel acts like a hanky. Blow your nose and keep it away. Ok i know thats grosse, but thats the first thing that came to my mind. Speaking of mind, sometimes i spend hours on end trying to understand how does this super organ work. It stores and remembers dates, days, timetables, constants,variables, calorific vals of each food, metabolic cycles, stuff we study, or even read once while trying to cover a syllabus soo vast.
And let me not forget the emotions it is capable of producing. Happiness-the endorphin high, excitement-the adrenaline high, stress-the epinephrine high...and so on. And all it mainly requires to function is not some great wonder food, but merely glucose. Seems wonderful!
It tells you when you are having fun, getting bored, feeling happy, or depressed.
Imagine a day with no mind of our own. A world devoid of opinions, ideas, ingenuity. How plastic. The only thing then capable by a mindless human is survival. We would no doubt survive, just like the others in our kingdom, but never really understand the meaning of our existence.No self actualised-evangelists required. Love would merely be a chemical activity, which would occur between two individuals, so as to help them copulate. Survival of the fittest would take over our feelings of humanity, care and concern.The self-destruction of our planet would seize, and maybe our future generation would survive in a healthier atmosphere, living long and fruitful lives.
So when I reason with myself, I see myself bending towards a world without a mind. A non-dramatic, dull planet to some, a haven to most.