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Of twist, twirl and rock'n'roll...

Recently on being to a friend's 21st birthday party , something dawned on mee.
To people who know mee, I'm not the person who runs to the dance floor when music starts pumping. In fact, I'm usually dragged from my so-called-hiding place . However, for this party, I didn't pretend to be reluctant. I showed true sportsmanship, and walked through uncharted territory on to the dance floor. This party didn't have a DJ-spinning tracks-disc theme, but here there was more of 'jiving'. For the uninitiated (like I was), Jiving is more like the slang version of ball room dancing, but I must add, I terribly enjoyed it. Dancing is FUN people! And now I understand Why!
Not that I'm a pro - like Andy, and neither do I have all the' moves' , but watching pros enjoy dancing got me wondering whether all those 'socials' wherein I always dug-my heels to the floor was the right thing to do. Man, did I miss opportunities to dance? (Can't believe I'm saying this).
Jive is danced to classics like the dancy numbers of the Beetles' 'twist and shout'. (Hope U ppl get the picture)
And P.S. Our Jives were nothing like the above video, heheh!!