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The benchmark...

I wonder whats the connection with women and age...its but-obvious one will never remain 16 like one may wish to....but turning old never seemed shameful to me, so in short, I never hide my age...or lest, lie about it. Basically, I never have found the need to.
Turning 21, like every normal 20yr-old, has its charm for me. I mean, common, now Im really counted as an adult...hehehe! (P.S. 18 is just a bluff)...Along with kinda-dreading it, I had set up a wish-list 'to-do', before hitting 21. If U ppl know me, U may not find it necessary for me to mention that wish-lists I construct include real tangible stuff, which one can possibly achieve. Not-to-mention stuff which I really want to do...at least before completing 21yrs of living on the 3rd rock from the sun, whereby I would like to start off with a clean slate!
However, not all of my wish list could be completed, I regretfully must add here. I am tempted to boast of my achievements and complain about my failures...but I guess I rather not. For close friends, who know of the grand to-do list, I must admit of not having the credibility of doing what I set out to do, but you all know, I couldn't help any of it, though I wish I could.
So ONLy for this purpose, I wish I could GO back to being 20 once again.....living with the hope that all my secret desires could be fulfilled before hitting the benchmark, where one sails independently, and everything done in their life is totally their choice.