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Time for an end, or a new beginning?

Today, I feel something amiss. No, I didn't have to get up early, dress in a hurry and zoom to a place which had become my new home. I could get up with leisure, enjoy my breakfast, for the first time since, I dunno when. Yes, I did not have college today 'Coz, I no more am an active member of the institution anymore.
I don't like to leave. I hated leaving school. School was such Fun. And now that I look back, college was soo much fUn too. In spite of all the trouble, the subs, the exams , my mind chooses to look and remember only at the fun times. The times when we had passionate discussions abt every topic under the roof, the camaraderie with our profs, the canteen~sad food, great company. I know of ppl waiting to leave, like they were in prison. But not mee. I wish I could stay. Sounds cliched, but this reminds of of Aamir in RDB, saying~ On this side of the line, U make life dance, and on the other side, Life makes everyone dance. And I dont think I'd like to dance.
People tell mee, its not the end. You can always be "in touch" wid everyone. But I tell them, "Its never going to be the same, is it?" They tell mee, its not the end, But I know IT is the end. The end of good carefree times. Now people will expect me to be responsible, for everything I say and do. I'm not some undergraduate. I have no refuge to make mistakes, I feel the walls closing in.
Maybe, Its just a phase in my life,
A passing phase, I'm told,
and I should begin to look at this
As a stepping stone..
Make new friends and remember the old.
But I find this hard to do,
For my heart fails to listen,
and then when old memories return,
I feel my eyes glisten.