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No Reservations.

India, an independent country since 1947. All indians were to be counted as equal. Although hypocrisy did lay its roots right then. The constitution, to safeguard the weak imposed reservations for them. However, after 60 yrs of imparting this system, only those ppl are being safeguarded who need nothing , coz they got most of everything anyways. They receive the best of education, at the cheapest possible rates and with the simple convenience of a caste certificate.

I, belong to the unfortunate open category. Hence, dreaming of pursuing higher education must remain just that, a dream. The following is the form from the University of Pune, the so called oxford of the east , and most importantly, one of the few campuses offering this course.

University of Pune:

MSc Health Sciences :Health Sciences students learn in addition to basic public health and Epidemiology, skills in the field of health biotechnology (microbiology, immunology, genetics and molecular biology). These students have the training to work in academic or pharmaceutical research institutions. Dietetics offers a student the opportunity to practice as a nutritionist /dietitian in hospitals, clinics, and other health care institutes. Also, private consultancy may require one to be registered.

Legal Reservations:

  1. SC--------13 %
  2. ST--------7 %
  3. DT (A)----3 %
  4. NT (B)----2.5 %
  5. NT (C)----3.5 %
  6. NT (D)----2 %
  7. OBC------19 %

Social Reservations: 1] 3% seats are reserved for physically challenged candidates.

Number of Seats available : 20+2 (Sponsored).

University of Mumbai:(Nirmala Niketan)

M.SC. Degree :Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics.

Intake Capacity : 10 Seats
· 50% seats for Christian Minority = 5 seats
· 20% seats for SC/ST/NT/OBC classes = 2 seats (Caste certificate to be attached to the application form)
· 30% seats for Open Category = 3 seats

Where must I go?........ :(