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IAW-sensible nonsense..

IAW stands for Indian Amateur Writers. This is a community on orkut of which I've become a member lately.
I think, a procrastinator like me is motivated to write only when topics and deadlines are thrown.
Anyways I want to publish some of my work on my blog, so that I can keep a collection which becomes easy to go through.

The following is my First poem at the IAW community. I'm posting the reviews I got too. I think it'll make for an interesting read. Please add in more reviews as you please.
Topic: Nonsense poetry. (20th june'08)
sensible nonsense..
Give me a hand and I'll give you a tree ,
said the drowning frog to the mystical bee..

Give me your heart and I'll give you a love filled sea ,
deeper than anyone can give to thee..

Give me a sip and I'll let you a bite ,
thats what a rabbit told the snake in fright..

Give me a something and I'll give you a something too..
Is that always to be a rule?

If it were, I'd doubt the notions of my mom ,
for I think she did something selfless, quite out of norm..

She gave me life to live as I please,
which this world has plagued with greed and disease.

The : Shirin- Short and sweet, with lots of sense. Really liked it, but wish it was a little longer.

Amrita: There is an unspoken rule in the community that sms language is not quite de rigeur. That is why I asked you to post your entry again. My fault that I didn't clearly mention that sms language will not be alright even in nonsense poetry. Apologies.

Rohit: Shirin, Short and silly :)

Votes: -x- ...sad, but true.