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Elvis, my dear...

This letter is addressed to The king. We all know his history( those who dont look up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley)
Ive made it an open letter so that people with similar(or different opinions) can get a platform to air their thoughts about the guy who rocked the 50's, 60's and 70's with his unconventional rock 'n' roll, in times where ballads of Frank Sinatra and the beetles ruled the roost and hip shaking was considered as satanic movements perverting the youth....
His voice was just magic, he did ballads, pop, blues and gospel music justice.
Dear Elvis,
How have you been? Hope He i treating you well, and you are getting all that you deserve and more.
I write today with lots of joy and a little remorse. Joy because as always, your songs have brought that smile on my lips and made me forget the tension piercing through my brain...Yes, its that of the year when the students, your homie crowd, feel claustrophobic. You got it, its exam fever. Your 'moody blue' serves a great reliever here. We also adore your 'my way'.
Remorse is felt because I feel people are forgetting all about you. People no more find your music enlightening. Its all old and tawdry for most. Oh dear, thats when I wonder shuddering~will there ever be a time when people may say 'Elvis, who?' Will there ever be a time when a guy wont think of 'are you lonesome' or forget about 'Spanish eyes' while thinking of his girl?? Or falling in love, will it ever be the same without fools rushing in singing your classic?
Or will there ever be a party without 'jailhouse rock' or 'king creole' ?, I dread to imagine.
But something tells me, you will never be completely forgotten, no matter how much John Mayers or Chris Daughtry may try, you'll always remain this girl's favorite rock and roll star, who rose against all odds and died an unfortunate and untimely death. I shall 'stand by you' always...
Perennially looking forward to your songs,