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Playing cricket or batting for cash and kind?

Yes, Ive been busy, not the lazy busy (ahem ahem), but the real kind...but isn't that my excuse always...so I won't bother apologising this time. Coz, I am going to put in more just to show how much I do intend to write but time management...or rather the lack of it... can truly bog one down...
Thoughts cross my mind, "blog worthy ones" are favourably etched somewhere in that blessedly less used organ and I make promises to my avid readers (read to myself [mostly] ) that I shall pen (or rather type) my views down the next time I go online, which surprisingly has decreased since exams...and i wonder why?...hehheh!
The latest itch I have waiting to type is about the IPL of course. Cricket has firmly established itself into this generation as wholly and sourly as the idea of cable TV. It was always a given to the intelligent Indian that the shorter...(or will it be the shortest?) version of the game (20-20)was going to be an instant HIT... so commercialisation was the way the money making could finally be done. Apart from the branded shoes and bat, the towels, water bottles, head gear, etc...and various other parts of the 'team colours' (read cricket uniform) were strategically labelled so that the companies sponsoring the team ( and their luxuries) get some prime time action...if you know what i MEAN!
But what bothers me is that too much commercialization is no good...now is it?...From when have we started cheering for more "citi moments of success" rather than sixes?? The concept was to encourage the idea of cricketing, not 'Vodaphoning' , i believe. I don't want the next generation to say, 'Yes, the guy endorsing Bournvita got out at 98, just 2 to go before he completed his DLF century!' ~ That would be a tragedy then for the game and its true spirit.
However, commercialisation has its perks as always. I would never have enjoyed a dancing zoozoo more( Vodaphone jingles and impromptu ads) !! So there, advertisements have begun to capture our hearts with lovely and intelligent gibberish...rather than mundane stuff...thank god for that!
Thinking of the Ad industry, it makes me wonder how else do those people related to this field get some inspiration? Do they carefully observe people trends. Then I think Ive got views that may make news (old maybe) for them! So i think Ill keep this for the next time I'll blog, just to increase my already large...(the effects of positive thinking) readership and to captivate my audience's attention. Also that my eyes are closing and lack of concentration adds to boring reading for you guys!
Okay then, till next time...watch this space!