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The next decade!

Doing a post grad does make you 'one' thing for sure, and that's BUSY ! I don't think I ever went through a phase of 'hardly any T.V.' before doing my masters. However, this is not to be seen as me complaining. I'm just stating facts. Another fact is that I am thoroughly enjoying myself, the amount of new stuff I have learned, career and otherwise!! And I take this opportunity to thank all of whom who made this learning phenomena possible.
The year is coming to an end, well, figuratively only two days to go, but for anyone who has anything to do with academia, the second term has begun, and we have another 4 months to go before we end the year.
Only 4 months till I'm done, shouldn't I be shouting with joy?? Well, no. Sadly, I hate leaving, as much as I hate entering into anything unknown. I know, I was not all 'enthu' and comfortable on my first day, me being a late admission and all....but I must add , I will be sad leaving too. Of course, my ride in NN was full of ups and downs, many of them cliched experiences, but looking back I think Ive grown... I have learnt so much about myself, so much I didn't know!! For this I am grateful again, especially to all those who gave me a tough time. They know who they are, but I want to add, I have no grudges.
I will miss all my batch mates , all of whom have left deep impressions... the baawi, and her loud-but -clear-hearted jokes and pokes. The couple and their ever-supporting love for each other, and sometimes, for me too !! The friend in need ! The firangi and the filler!! The other couple and their academic enthusiasm!! and miss observant! There, all 9 have been aptly nicknamed!! Hopefully I don't create another one of those 'brouhaha's , else, Ill be the next sitting target...heheh!!
Lastly, as I bid farewell to 2009, I would want to mention that this decade saw me graduating from all my endeavours. I completed high school, Jr. college, Sr. college and almost completed my masters. Well, a decade dedicated to education. Well spent? Hopefully, yes! I wish I am equipped enough! Its always frightening to leave and enter into the unknown , simultaneously!!
So bye bye 2009...here comes 2010...another decade, dedicated to....well, I wish I knew the answer to this one. Praying for clarity,
Till then, cheers!! Get high on life!!