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Rhy-me-feeling !

Ive been on a trip lately, not physically obviously, although if you call my latest poster presentation at rajkot and solapur a stint at traveling, then yeah, maybe ! But the point I'm making is that I have had a lot of time to think irrelevant (read :non research) stuff. Since all of you know how I love rhymes, I dug this one out from some corner of my (well, I don't know how to put it delicately, but) twisted brain. Heheh ! Caution: Don't read too much into it :P

(rhyme scheme : ab, ab )

~A new jerk...

Oh, I want to be bad this year, as bad as bad could be,

No more sweet 'good morning' and no more pleasant ‘please’,

I want to break rules and see the 'other' side,

I want to make a hell lot of noise and be seen as Miss. Hyde,

I don't want be the head-boy, or the teacher's pet,

I don't want to classy and I don't want to be the class rep... ,

I want to swear, yell, shout and scream,

I want to sit down, watch TV all day and gorge on ice cream,

I want to break the mold and be an outcast,

I want the world to see me, as the 'bad' girl at last.

I wish to work towards that rowdy image I had in mind,

I wish to develop the skills to kill time, and whistle at a boy’s behind.

People make 'resolutions', I assume to become a better being,

I resolve the opposite, for I loath being the better being.

I wish to be remembered not as 'goody to shoes',

For being good takes you nowhere, so, no more virtues!

Being bad does have its share of pros and cons...

But I rather am bad, [than working my ass off being good]…for I fear not of growing horns…

After all, who cares if you were good or bad, when you die?

I'd rather resolve being bad, it seems easier and I get the bigger piece of pie...