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Its been a while...

Its been a while...and I've lots to write.
Today was one of those melancholy days, when one has all the time to reminisce. I thought about school, graduation, my career, my life and the course I'm on. I don't remember the beginning, I never planned its path... and all that in between!
Time, with its fluttering wings, has passed me by. I remember being that tiny person, for whom the doll was huge, the tricycle was heavy and the swing a gigantic delight! For whom the most important decision was choosing the ice-cream for the day...I remember growing up a bit...and finding it difficult to choose what to wear for the annual Christmas party at school.
I remember the hockey games, the daily practice sessions, the in-house camp, the euphoria of winning, the dejection of losing ! I remember the camaraderie and the competition. The partiality and the prejudices. I remember the cheers and the boos ~
I remember the art-classes, the karate kata, the sports day, the grammar lessons and my lovely teachers!
Then,  I remember dressing up for the farewell in mom's loveliest lavender saree and going to school..looking all grown up...I remember: cramming for the boards, caring a damn after they were done and worrying sick till my results were out...I remember hoping and praying for things that actually didn't matter, wishing for the impossible at times...Gosh...school days went by in a jiffy!
Then I remember all the friends, the friday evening conversations, the racecourse discussions the empress garden football, the french connections...Choksey, Ramus, PDK, Patki...cramming, screwing up a bit, managing any how, care a damn attitude, but actually caring too much!!
New college, new group of friends, marathi, bhelpuri, gossip, grapewine, knowledge and lessons for life.
New place, new city, new roomies, new classmates...awesome professors, struggles, success, bitching, competition, ideas, travel, politics!!
New job, familiar faces, happiness, content, commitment, hard work, brainstorming, travel, creativity, politics, games, egos. The good, the bad and the ugly~

I long for the old... I'm looking forward to the new...

All these memories, I have stored away as tidbits of neuro-sensatios. I don't know how many moments I'll be able to store for 'forever' inside the limited human brain!
Ive been making memories ever since!!