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Time on my hands...

The last time I actually had time was...well...ahem ahem, well...quite sometime ago. So now that I have some time, I guess the only logical thing to do is...to get busy doing things I'd rather not do when I don't have any time (irony)... Well as I always love to say, 'C'est la vie' !
Oil on canvas- Noire- coat1
Oil on canvas- Noire- coat2
I've always admired art...it may sound boring to some, tad tawny and dry, but I think the effort of painting is never gone in vein, the result of such patience and hard work has always captivated me, even as a kid. Yup, my folks were all enthu and supportive when I joined classes for arts in school. But somehow, I never seemed to enjoy them to the core as the teachers always had motives like drawing exams in mind. There was no freedom given, only still life's and memory drawings to master...which I frankly hated doing. These days, the reason I visit the classroom (in one of my favorite schools) are for my canvas painting classes...and hell yeah, I'm having fun!!
Painting can be a stress buster, only if one doesn't worry about  the end result. With every brush stroke I take, a muzzy image is formed...and then, after a while, I find clarity. This is what I am mainly going to take back with me, more than the canvases I'm doing. We all are constantly looking for clarity. Its so elusive at times, that we tend to procrastinate in its absence... but, what I've learned the hard way is to just go with the flow. Apply the paintbrush on the canvas in a way one thinks will make the picture perfect. At the outset, it may even seem wrong, but patience and perseverance shines through...and what is almost always left behind is a melody of colors, ideas and imagination.
I've put up some pics of some of my artworks. Please give them some leverage, I'm not claiming to be an expert. Ill put up the finished ones soon...Till then :)

Oil on canvas- nostalgia (coat-1)
Oil on canvas- nostalgia (coat 1)