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The Art Of Positive Thinking - Part 6.1

Chapter 5: 

Recipe For Positive Thinking 


Damaging feelings may be useful in that they frequently have something crucial to tell us. If your brain and heart are sending you alarms, it might be time to re-evaluate a few things and make changes where essential. This is how damaging feelings may really help us grow and start to welcome great things and individuals into our lives again. 

Recipe For Positivity 
Positive thinking shouldn't be utilized as a "band-aid" for mental wounds. The anguish you feel inside will still be there when the quick fix falls away. When we utilize positive thinking to escape from bad experiences, we miss the chance to bring durable fulfillment into our lives. 
For positive thinking to "form," it's got to be true. Meaning, you really trust what you're thinking and stating to yourself. The key word here is true

The Art Of Positive Thinking 
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